Rejecting the Gadgil report which gave legal protection to Konkan and Sahyadri, mining started in the villages of the ecosensitive zone of Sahyadri… Taluka known as the Amazon of Maharashtra like Dodamarg was deliberately excluded from ecosensitive… so that the natural wealth can be looted…
Now the builder lobby is entering Konkan in the name of tourism.
Migrant commercial farmers are destroying thousands of acres of forest every year by monoculture of rubber pineapple cashew nuts… Hills are being eroded… Rivers are silting up..
Man-Wildlife conflict has arisen..Development is accelerating and Konkan is also being destroyed..Konkan region once known for its beautiful tall trees is now becoming barren.
Old big trees are left only in Deorai..
Preserved by our forefathers as trees of God, indigenous trees of traditional cultural significance in the nature worshiping lifestyle of Konkan-Sahyadri.
Every village in Konkan has a Deorai…it is the real biological heritage of that village…Rakhandar…where the rare trees of that village are preserved….
Saplings of these endemic native trees were prepared and replanted in that village….Sacred flora.
The list is long…
There will be many trees like Myristica swamp, Audumbar, Kadamba, Bhedlo, Mad, Sita, Ashok, Black incense, Sativan, Biba, Surangi, Bakul, Pyr, Shidam, Ranfanas, Ranjambhul, Raiwal…. Each village has its own rare tree that can be seen in Deorait… We are determined to raise the heir of that Rakhandar’s tree again in that village….
For this reason, we are starting this sacred flora plantation activity called “Rakhandar” in a village of Dodamarg taluk this year in the rain of Mirga….
Neither you nor I planted these big trees on the earth.. This forest has been standing like this since the beginning of the earth which our forefathers preserved as God’s forest… True
Let’s say we can’t really create habitats created by nature but one thing man can definitely do is to grow at least one god tree as a legacy by making seeds from these old god trees.
We have started this initiative Devarai from this.

Yes now it is not just a tree plantation event but there is a need to create a natural chain of flora and fauna by reviving the original natural habitat that has been destroyed.
Because forest in Konkan is not only plantation of trees, Konkan itself is a Deorai…which will stand again only from the Deorai of Rakhan Dara.