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Activities that makes us thrilled.

Sustainable living with direct connection to nature. Mother Earth
What we called as ranmanush the indigenous people.
Our health wealth and wisdom are all connected to our dear planet. Panch mahabhuta

To us living a life in connection with mother earth is what sustainability
Off grid Living and self sufficiency is all about
—indigenous knowledge, skills , rural technology, natural farming, natural building and natural education for sustainable livelihood.

Rammanus is a project best on the notion to learn through experience.
Our livelihood Centre is located in a small village in the tropical Jungle of Western Ghats Konkan region of India.
The aim of ranmanush is to build a community to retrace and preserve ancient indigenous wisdom and knowledge of sustainability such as natural building natural farming livelihood and ecological farming herbal medicine indigenous food, tree based food culture food processing
And other indigenous artisanship that were inherently based on self sustainability and independence.

Our mission is to heal Earth and there for ourselves by establishing a community which lives a self sustainable lifestyle

We also have been collaborating with schools to provide youth with knowledge sustainable choices actions and techniques
With the goal to inspire them their parents and also their teachers allowing them all to get hands on work
By learning by experiencing it with the hope of leaving a foot print to follow for the upcoming generation

A Vision created for a better future of mankind.

Nature brings the best in you

We believe in Community based upliftment of the indigenous communities of through their own livelihood skills and resources. Through this introducing idea of low carbon footprint lifestyle of indigenous peoples to the Urban society. ‘Sushegaad’ way of living, is what we count as the economics of our happiness!
We believe in sustainability
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