Save the mud houses

Mud houses are the true identity of Konkan … a symbol of its natural richness… But Konkan has changed rapidly in the last few years… Mud houses are also disappearing in the storm of development….. Keeping in mind the ecological, cultural and traditional importance of these houses, saving them is an integral part of the Save Konkan movement….

To help every farmer to set up his own agritourism center by developing the old mud houses of farmers for tourism like “Mangar Farmstay”.

Priority has been given to farmers who maintain traditional agriculture and lifestyle.

The sincere aim is to reduce the migration of rural youth, to bring dignity to their livelihood through tourism, to bring good prices and customers to the farm produce and to live in the village and earn four paise with dignity.

The aim is to restore the old houses in the village and preserve them as heritage houses.

We are also starting training classes under the guidance of senior clay builders….